Job Update

I was quite incorrect about the job that I had. It turns out that it is barely paid, and sometimes not paid at all. :/

I'm sorry, but if your employees have to spend hours out in the Florida sun going from door to door to sell your products, please at least provide them with minimum wage for their time doing so. They will actually be able to, you know, take care of themselves that way. Then, when/if they are able to sell your product(s), they can earn commission on top of that.

Don't make it commission only!! No wonder they get $0 on their paychecks sometimes. :( So scary..

So yeah, back to job hunting.. I really need to find something soon..
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o hello

In Florida! Living in the living room right now, but moving to a bigger apartment in three days! And I have my job orientation on the 13th and 14th. I'm nervous about it, but also extremely excited!

And happy. :)

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I am getting my first apartment with friends in a couple of months!!

My excitement is great! As is the feeling of being way behind when compared to everyone else I know... All of my friends and acquaintances have done this multiple times before, or already own their own homes.

I wonder what my next job is going to be like..

Hey everyone, do you have any tips or thoughts you could share? I'll be moving from IL to FL for this, if that helps..
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I still really love working at the daycare. It is still the best job I've ever had. It will probably be time to move back to FL in a few months, though, and I really hope that I get to room with my friend Drakenbyte and her friends. That would be nice!

I really, really want to go back to school. At the very least, I need to finish my degree! Draken said she will help me figure out scholarships, grants and loans. I'm feeling better about the future.


Right now, I am posting to LJ through a 3DS (not mine, but I do want one!). What a mess. This thing is so very tiny and adorable, and wait a minute how do I make a new paragraph aaaggghhhh okay going to bed now. Good night folks :)

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Colias Smile!

Donate Art Supplies?

I work at a small, privately owned daycare center. The kids range from 2-7 yrs old. They all LOVE to paint and draw, or create in general, so much so that we are constantly in need of art-related supplies. I had this feeling that some of you folks out there may have (or know some others who have) some supplies around that you may be willing to donate. Here is a small list of supplies:

  • safety scissors
  • markers (washable, non-toxic)
  • paint (washable, non-toxic, tempera paint is good and the powdered kind is fine)
  • construction paper
  • white drawing paper (the older kids especially prefer the white drawing paper)
  • pencils / crayons
  • moon sand (only the older kids would be playing with this stuff: http://www.moonsand.com/ and I don't expect anyone to have some of this laying around but I thought I'd try including it, just in case)

    I want to be able to create thank-you sketches for anyone who donates (if anyone donates). That would be awesome, but I'm not entirely sure if I would be able to do that just yet. @_@ I'm definitely going to try, though!

    Yes, I'm definitely going to be sending out thank-you cards (w/ a sketch or so drawn inside) to anyone who donates supplies. Since I would have to provide my mailing address in order for the supplies to be sent, I'll then have access to your address once the supplies get here, so I'll send a little something back in return. :)
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    I believe that love means wanting the best for the person I claim to love, even if that must mean that I am not in the picture. I believe that loving someone means you strive to allow them to be the best person that they can be. It means doing what I can to guide them towards making decisions that will enhance their well-being and increase their life skills.

    Love does not mean protecting someone. It means giving the someone the knowledge and the ability to protect themselves.

    To love someone is to want them to be able to achieve happiness and well-being during the times when I am not there. (Including the time when I am no longer alive)

    Aw yeeeaaah

    Loving my job at the day care center more than ever!! The kids are so awesome! ♥ I love working with my bosslady and the other teachers as well. :D

    Thanks to the valuable information that aforementioned bosslady has bestowed to me, it would be easier than ever for me to become a certified teacher (and not "just" an assistant teacher), with full time hours.

    I'm still considering that option...