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Donate Art Supplies?

I work at a small, privately owned daycare center. The kids range from 2-7 yrs old. They all LOVE to paint and draw, or create in general, so much so that we are constantly in need of art-related supplies. I had this feeling that some of you folks out there may have (or know some others who have) some supplies around that you may be willing to donate. Here is a small list of supplies:

  • safety scissors
  • markers (washable, non-toxic)
  • paint (washable, non-toxic, tempera paint is good and the powdered kind is fine)
  • construction paper
  • white drawing paper (the older kids especially prefer the white drawing paper)
  • pencils / crayons
  • moon sand (only the older kids would be playing with this stuff: http://www.moonsand.com/ and I don't expect anyone to have some of this laying around but I thought I'd try including it, just in case)

    I want to be able to create thank-you sketches for anyone who donates (if anyone donates). That would be awesome, but I'm not entirely sure if I would be able to do that just yet. @_@ I'm definitely going to try, though!

    Yes, I'm definitely going to be sending out thank-you cards (w/ a sketch or so drawn inside) to anyone who donates supplies. Since I would have to provide my mailing address in order for the supplies to be sent, I'll then have access to your address once the supplies get here, so I'll send a little something back in return. :)
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