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Moving Soon! (B&W Commissions Open!)

Going to be moving to IL (Peoria!) VERY soon. As in, the end of June soon! Getting an apartment! YAY room mates!!

I want to be able to earn as much as is possible between now and then, so I am trying to take on name-your-price, B&W commissions! Like the style of the image you see above.

Please feel free to comment on this entry with your references and a theme/mood (if you happen to have any in mind) and just PayPal your chosen amount to ikewagner(at)gmail(dot)com

Once finished, I'll reply to you with the URL to your artwork!
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Colias Smile!

oh my gosh

Look at this journal entry oh my goodness

Hey guys, you should post photos that make you laugh really hard, because I want to see them. You know what? They don't have to be photos, either. They can just be funny pictures, animated stuffs included.

I know you've got to have at least one or several... Sharing is caring!
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My Poor Grandma

Two days ago, it came to my attention that my grandma's kadian (very strong medicine that she needs or she will get very bad spasms in her left leg) displayed the incorrect dosage on the bottle. I really wish I could have caught this earlier, but I had been checking the bottle before since her dosage went up (from one a day, to two a day) - But at some point, someone screwed up somewhere and the dosage on the bottle dropped back to once daily. I had no idea that this had happened.

Yes, she is, in fact, supposed to take kadian twice daily; Once in the morning and once at night. But, again, the bottle said ...once daily.

Because of this, she was running out of this medication very quickly. Those at the pharmacy directed me to the doctor's office to solve this problem, so I went there the next morning (it was too late to go that same day, by then). Well, what I found out was horrifying: the receptionist informed me that the doctor was on vacation, and would not be back until Monday ... and there was no way to reach him. My grandma simply could not be allowed the kadian she needed without a visit to her doctor who, again, would not even be back within a decent amount of time. My grandma would be in complete agony by then, or worse..

She only had one pill left. We tried contacting other doctors (my uncle Dale's doctor, for example), who sounded optimistic at first about being able to assist her, but then later revealed that they could do nothing to help.

As the day wore on, she and I became more and more worried. I felt that a trip to the ER was the only outcome and should happen ASAP so that she could avoid pain; She completely refused this idea ... until around midnight. That was when she admitted that she might need to go.

Ike and I went with her to the ER. There were no other option at this point. We all stayed there all night.
The waiting room took a handful of hours, until we were told that she might be able to get the kadian she needed. After that, we waited for a few more hours. At some point, she was finally allowed into one of the rooms ... where she had to wait another handful of hours. Then she saw the doctor, he said he could write up a prescription for 4 pills, then he left. For hours.

Eventually he came back to give her the signed prescription.

It was past 7:30 AM when we finally got home.

She s doing OK now ...

Suffice to say, I'll be checking all of her bottles constantly from now on. I must wonder if this could have been avoided, if I had noticed the error earlier, but even if I had, wouldn't I still be directed to the doctor, since he is the one who has to fix such errors? And he was on vacation already, by that time.

I don't know.

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Use LiveJournal. Use LiveJournal. Use Livejournal !!

Just going to update on my grandpa, for now.

Got to visit him today with my uncle Dale, who has been going out of his way to take me to visit him a whole lot.

Grandpa was particularly irritable this time, but he was also trying to move around a whole lot. He seemed to have a lot of energy. But, he was also very angry, and shouted / cursed at us whenever we wouldn't do what he wanted us to, which was difficult / impossible, considering we could not understand him half the time. He kept wanting us to remove the special gloves he had to wear (to prevent him from ripping out his IV), and he'd get angry when we said we could not. He kept demanding that I do that anyway, so I just started telling him that I didn't know how to, and that seemed to help some.

It just frustrates me to no end that I can't do a whole lot more for him. I'm very worried that as he "gets better", he'll still be very confused, and will not be allowed to do simple things like get out of bed, even if / when he builds up enough strength to do so. :(
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Happy and Sad

[Work Safe Art] "The Divine" - (Thank you for looking, if you choose to!)

Jeez. I'm so grateful that I was able to attend Megaplex, but not-so-grateful that a cold was involved. The convention experience caused it to stick around longer. Still, it was worth it!

With every convention comes the wonderful feeling of meeting new friends, as well as making older friendships that much stronger.

I really wish that my grandpa was not so far away right now. I keep having nightmares that he wakes up crying. The cold was at its strongest, with dizziness around the time of our most recent visit, so I couldn't go. It would have been terrible if I had gotten him sick with it. :( Grandma keeps insisting that he no longer even recognizes her..

What We Know

Artwork (work safe): "Personal" -

Grandpa has been in the hospital / nursing home receiving special care ever since he hurt his arm in the bathroom.

Yet another recap for you and myself in regards to grandpa: No bones broken. BAD urinary tract infection that none of us realized he had. The only pain he would ever mention were his arms aching. Was told that his kidneys had to be drained. He has been on medication to treat the infection longer than most would have to be due to how severe it was.

When we have been able to see him, he seems quite confused. The most recent visit, however, I did notice that he seemed clearer. Still confused, and often in the mood to combat the poor nurses.

He still keeps trying to get up or roll out of bed, despite not being quite strong enough to support his own weight. Uncle Dale, who has been profoundly and wonderfully helpful and caring is hopeful about grandpa improving and accepting rehab. Grandpa is not yet in the right condition to be cooperative with his rehab, but I'm eager to see him again. He recognized me well last time, told me he loved me, I gave him hugs, etc. <333 I really hope that we can all see him again within the next few days. I miss him so much.

Just Words of Wisdom

If someone should care about you more than anything, and if they should attempt to change all of the details of their life for you because they want to help you and because they love you that much, don't drop them like they're hot.

Just don't.


I'd like to use my journal more often (heard that before, yeah?), but generally things are relatively boring for me. (Not recently, granted, but things eventually return to a state of normalcy.)

What would you guys like to see more often in my journal? More art posts? Or would you maybe like for me to talk more about what's on my mind? Certainly there are more options than just those two, but I'd like to hear from you guys. I know it is my decision in the end and all, but I do really want to know what you folks might be most interested in. :)

Thanks a bunch!

(note: I'm also thinking about sharing / showing off artwork that isn't my own, thoughts?)
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Bright Eyes

ART [work safe] collaborative effort: "Shiny Ho-Oh" -

Due to not having access to a vehicle, I've only been able to visit my grandpa once so far. :( He is recovering / in rehab right now.

My grandfather did not break his arm, thankfully. I know I've said that before, but I just wanted to clarify that again. It was, however, badly sprained. When I looked at his hand, it already appeared to be healing. I'm really hoping that he can come back home, but none of us are sure if that would be the safest option for him at this point. Right now I just want to be able to see him again, I miss him so much.

RCFM was a great convention. It would have been wonderful to have a nice camera (did have a so-so one, though), because the hotel was huge and gorgeous! Met so many friendly people, had a blast. Going to see if we can make it to Megaplex, since it is so close by, but we might just have to miss out this year, all things considered. We'll see.

I would do one of those "shout out" things where I mentioned everyone I met, but .. my memory is atrocious. I know for a fact I'd forget one or two folks, so I'll just be all: HAY GUYS!
Also know that there was at least one person that I somehow missed out on seeing all-together. Gah. :(

Take care all.